Wednesday, August 25, 2010


After a "golden age of post-war capitalism" we had a decade of failed Keynesian economics, followed by three decades of debt and Reaganomics, followed by financial crisis.

Now, after forty years of bad economics, economists are telling us austerity is necessary, to maintain "confidence."

We couldn't balance the budget when times were good. Do they really think we can balance it now? Don't you think we need a different plan? A plan that can work?

After leading us into financial crisis they march on, saying This way, this way!

I think not.

There came a day when Copernicus said: Wait a minute. I've been looking at the numbers here, and things just don't add up. I know everybody thinks the sun goes around the earth, but it just isn't here in the numbers.

It's like that with the economy. Things people say all the time, things people believe about the economy, things people know to be true -- these things are just not in the numbers.

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