Thursday, July 5, 2012

Robert "Norquist" Barro

The dickish Wall Street Journal now demands that you subscribe, or it won't show you the story you came to see. So I have to go back to Noah for this Barro quote:

To achieve a real recovery, government policy should focus on individual incentives to work, produce and invest. Central here are tax rates and regulations, including especially clarity about future policies.

I'm looking at this: "especially clarity about future policies".

Barro is saying we should tweak tax rates and regulations one last time, and never fiddle with them again.

Perhaps he should ask economists and policymakers to sign a pledge promising never to consider any policy but his. Which leads me to ask a question:

What, then, is economics for?


Jazzbumpa said...

In my more cynical moments, I believe economics exists to shill for the wealthy elite and convince the unwashed masses that the great and growing disparity between the economic classes is the natural order of things - that is to say, God's plan for us.

This will take us back into the direction of the divine right of kings.


The Arthurian said...

Jazz, somebody should do a study of your comments, and compare the "cheers" to the "wasf"s. Are there more wasf lately?

Well, this unwashed mass is going to get beer three now.