Sunday, July 31, 2016

The replacement for NCBTCMDODNS

It's a mouthful, NCBTCMDODNS. I think of it as NCB...TCMDO...DNS: Nonfinancial Corporate Business... TCMDO... Domestic Nonfinancial Sectors (with TCMDO being Total Credit Market Debt Outstanding -- or whatever nomenclature has replaced that, this week).

No matter. It's defunct. It's (DISCONTINUED), as FRED puts it. So you don't want to go there.

But I do want to go there. I need the data.

It's okay. There is a replacement for the discontinued series. I finally found it: BCNSDODNS.

It's not a TCMDO series; it's a "dodness", a DODNS. It's BCNS DODNS. I play these name games to help me remember. BCNS, I guess that stands for Business Corporate Nonfinancial Something.

(I made that up.)

I'm documenting the thing so I can find it again the next time I need it.

BCNSDODNS is the replacement for NCBTCMDODNS


Anonymous said...

Thank you!
I was annoyed it was discontinued and googled 'alternative NCBTCMDODNS' and found this!
Helping more than just yourself!

The Arthurian said...

You're welcome!

A week or two ago I noticed that TCMDO is no longer discontinued -- again! It seems to come and go.