Saturday, October 15, 2016

The extent of business "total receipts"

Note than in the data file I've been using they list both "total receipts" and "business receipts" for businesses. Categories of receipts. They also list different forms of business, including "all businesses" and "corporations".

I want to avoid confusion between "business receipts" of corporations and the receipts of "all businesses". I think it makes best sense to put the category of receipts first, and the form of business last. This is what I get:

  •  total receipts of all businesses
  •  business receipts of all businesses
  •  total receipts of corporations
  •  business receipts of corporations

Just to avoid confusion.

So anyway, I took "total receipts" for the two forms of business and put them together on a graph:

Graph #1
For corporations the 1980-2012 average is 1.9 times the size of GDP. For all businesses the average is 2.2 times GDP.

// The Excel file

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