Friday, October 23, 2009

The Three Little Graphs

Wow! This was easy to do!

Below is a Google Docs spreadsheet. It contains three pages. Each page has calculations and a graph. The graphs are off to the right, near the top, but you won't see them unless you go looking.

This post is mostly in the nature of a test. Probably not much here of interest. This is the spreadsheet used to develop graphs for my comments at The Secret Economist.

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The Arthurian said...

Ah, but you have to be careful when you link to the charts. I couldn't get it to work. Or actually, I did get it to work (for me) on two different computers. But it didn't work for anybody else.

I gave up on the notion of linking to the graphs, and turned them into graphics (PNGs) instead. Uploaded the PNGs into the blog with Blogger. That worked.

Worst part? I didn't even know it wasn't working 'til my son Jerry told me. That's Jerry, creator of the Stimulus Watch gadget and father of my grandson Jacob!