Sunday, November 14, 2010

Budget Deficit Charts

At the Perot site, at the first of the Budget Deficit Charts, the opening sentence reads:

The federal budget challenges faced by the citizens of the United States of America start and end with spending.

Dunno about that, but the Budget Deficit section definitely starts with a conclusion!

We've been trying to cut spending and balance the budget for 30 years and more, with no significant success. The more we fail, the angrier we get. The angrier we get, the more adamant we get. The more adamant we get, the less we are able to think things through. Nobody ever stops to say --

Well, maybe we are approaching the problem the wrong way.


Tschäff said...

Made this little animation this week, hopefully this will change people's conclusions a bit:

The Arthurian said...

Nice presentation, Tschäff! I have to watch it more times to get it all in my head. I like the "there is one employer" approach.

Tschäff said...

I'm so glad you liked it! YouTube has a 10 min limit, so I had to go fast.. Plus I'm not sure i can hold anyone's attention for much longer when talking about novel concepts.

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