Thursday, January 6, 2011

That's Entertainment!

From a graphic at Gene Hayward's

Of course, I couldn't resist playing with the numbers...

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I thought this difference interesting: Gene compares the increase in ticket prices to CPI inflation... I look at the increase in ticket prices as an example of inflation.

Also, we both chose to look at the "entertainment" part of the original graphic.


Gene Hayward said...

Thank you for this analysis...I did not think of it in those terms. I talked about it with my classes and they attributed the increase in average ticket price to the proliferation of 3D movies, which are about $3.00 more per ticket than a a 2-D movie. I wonder if that was factored out, what the real difference in the change in prices would have been. I am WAY to lazy to do the math on that one... :)

The Arthurian said...

Hey, Gene. I read your comment earlier today, and scribbled a comment on scratchpaper. Maybe it's not relevant... but that's what I'm best at. Anyway:

That's the funny thing about the economy, Gene. There's always 3D technology or a Housing Bubble or women entering the workforce or something, by which the economic forces work themselves out and the imbalances are exposed.

...for what it's worth.

I thought it was neat that we both focused on the "entertainment" item and we both poked it with a stick and turned it over and looked at it a bit.

I'm on OVERTIME this week at work. I guess the recession's over...