Monday, January 23, 2012

Karl Smith

At Modeled Behavior:

I tend to think ... that the private debt overhang is not necessarily a big deal.


jim said...

OK the interviewer was clueless.

What did you think of what the interviewee had to say?

Graeber is a fascinating guy that I had never run into before. Thanks for the link. Here is another;

The Arthurian said...

"OK the interviewer was clueless."

Yeah... and I'm still pointing that out tomorrow.

Graeber is interesting, but I keep tripping over the same "money is debt" idea with him, that I see too many places. And I want to read his book that Clonal linked to... ELEVEN days ago now, good grief.

I got like 2 pages into it.

Actually, I was reading A Game of Thrones and quit reading that because it got so good that I was thinking about it instead of about the economy.