Thursday, March 8, 2012

Private Debt 2012 (10): Owed on a U.S. Earn

Federal and other debt as shares of total debt:

Federal (blue) and Non-Federal (red) debt as shares of total debt (thru 1985)

So always remember and never forget
The problem lies not with the Federal debt,
But everyone else's debt hinders us all
And leaves us like Humpty was after the fall.


Jazzbumpa said...

Republican Elephants, Democrat Mules
Surveyed the wreckage and gathered their tools.
They found a solution in politic praxis
By lowering that poor egg's payrollish taxes.

The Arthurian said...

Agreement in principle, wonderous thing,
turned out to be rather exasperaing.
For big-ender lil-ender troubles awoke
a dispute over which end of Humpty was broke!