Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zoho it is, then

Konczal's R&R screen clip, again:

I put the country names and the debt/GDP values from Konczal's clip into a Zoho spreadsheet so we can play with it online. You can edit the zoho and see the results (and even save it as an Excel file if you want, apparently). You won't mess up my Zoho sheet. If you refresh the page, all your changes go away.

Look in particular at the values on Zoho row 29. These are the R&R error cells. Click on Cell B29, then look up at the top line of the Zoho to see what the formula is. It says:

Here's what I want you to do: With Cell B29 selected, press DELETE to erase the formula. Now, type the EQUAL sign and the word AVERAGE and then open parenthesis (that's SHIFT 9 on my keyboard). Next, click Cell B4 and hold the mouse button down, then drag down to row B23. Release the mouse button. Press ENTER.

Zoho closes the parentheses for you, and calculates the average value for the cells you selected. The cell value changes.

On my computer when I do the next step the screen jumps. Just scroll back so you can see everything again.

Select Cell B29 again, and press CTRL C to copy the formula you entered.
(Scroll the screen if necessary, but don't click or type anything.)

Select cells C29 through E29 and press CTRL V to paste your formula into those cells. The values change because of your new formula.

You did it! You fixed R&R's error!

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