Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A couple quick views

On Saturday I showed interest and dividends relative to wages and salaries. It's a good comparison, but maybe it gives a false impression. Interest and dividends are not a portion of wages and salaries. (It's obvious, I know.) Anyway, interest and dividends and wages and salaries are all portions of Personal Income, and I wanted to repeat the Saturday graph, but relative to Personal Income this time:

Graph #1: Interest (blue) and Dividends (red) as a Percent of Personal Income

Looks like the Saturday graph. But the vertical axis numbers are less this time, because Personal Income is bigger than Wages and Salaries.

Here's a different view:

Graph #2: Wages and Salaries (blue) with Interest Income Added (red)
and with Interest and Dividend Income Added (orange)
The blue line trends down from about 1954; the red and orange from about 1970.

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