Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gross Domestic Spending: Documentation

This post provides links to two Excel files and eleven short PDFs. The "GDS Data Series" file is outputs, the result of my industry. The "Business Population" file is inputs, the source data that I used.

The GDS Data Series.xls file is an Excel file generated by OpenOffice Calc. The file contains one sheet. The first two columns of the sheet contain the year and GDS values. Columns farther to the right document the calculations used to come up with the numbers.

The Business Population.xls spreadsheet is an Excel file generated by OpenOffice Calc. The file contains two sheets. The Data Entry sheet lists the source files and data values obtained from them. Columns further to the right are notes on units and on the column headers, which evolved a bit over the years.

Note that there is some duplication of data on this sheet, as I was comparing the values provided by newer and older sources at the overlaps. This duplication is eliminated from the other sheet in the file.

The other sheet in this file is named ArtS Data Series. This sheet lists the source file, the year, and "Number", "Receipts" and "Net Profit" for total business enterprises -- that is, for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations, combined -- for 1959 through 2008.

In order to document the source data for the GDS series, I extracted individual pages from various source PDFs. The extracted files are typically one-page PDFs. To extract the relevant pages I just printed them to doPDF.

The 12s0744.pdf isn't mine. I found it on the web. Somebody else was thinking along the same lines I was, apparently.

All files are stored on Google Drive, the old Google Docs.

HS70 V 1-1211959-1966Historical Statistics (Bicentennial Ed.)
SA74 Table 77511967-1968Statistical Abstract (1974)
SA76 Table 82311969-1971Statistical Abstract (1976)
SA78 Table 91511972-1974Statistical Abstract (1978)
SA85 Table 86811975-1979Statistical Abstract (1985)
SA89 Table 84611980-1984Statistical Abstract (1989)
SA92 Table 82711985-1987Statistical Abstract (1992)
SA2000 Table 85511988-1994Statistical Abstract (2000)
SA0405 Table 71611995-1999Statistical Abstract (2004-05)
SA09 Table 72212000-2003Statistical Abstract (2009)
12s074412004-2008Statistical Abstract (2012)
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The source PDFs (large files) are still available from census.gov, but the 2012 Abstract is the last one they issued.

You know, spending cuts.

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