Sunday, December 18, 2016

Russian Hacking

My econ blog stats for two hours this morning:

Stats Overview for the Blog
You can click the image to enlarge it but I can't imagine why you would want to
Header across the top identifies the blog & time period ("Now") displayed.
Menu down the left side shows Stats Overview selected.
The remainder of the image is divided into four sections.

Upper Left: Shows pageview count for each minute of the last two hours. Note the one large spike just before 11:30 AM, and zero or negligible pageview-count for most of the rest of the period.
Here are the minute-by-minute pageview counts around the time of the spike:
11:23 = 0
11:24 = 112
11:25 = 283
11:26 = 143
11:27 =103
11:28 = 19
11:29 = 3
11:30 = 0
11:31 = 0
11:32 = 0
Other than the zeroes, the only halfway realistic number is three pageviews at 11:29. But even that would be hard to do, if you were actually reading words or looking at images. The rest of the nonzero counts are some kind of nonsense.

Upper Right: Pageview counts for today, yesterday, the last month, etc. The total for today -- 1083 -- includes the 663 recorded between 11:24 AM and 11:29 AM. This is some bullshit.

Lower Right: Map of the world, showing where the pageviews came from. The US is pale green, meaning a few pageviews came from there. Russia is dark green, meaning most of the pageviews came from there.

Hey Russia, stop messing with my blog!

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