Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The gory details

Google house of commons official report

77 million results. The one I want is first on the list.

Click House of Commons Hansard archives - UK Parliament

At the House of Commons Hansard archives page you want Historic Hansard: 1803-2005.

Using their nifty century-and-decade-selector, select the 20th century, and then select the 1960s.

Then select the year (1965) and month (November) and day (the 17th).

From there I used Ctrl-F to search the page for econ and found ECONOMIC AFFAIRS.

I clicked that and got a discussion in which Iain Macleod was involved. From there, a CTRL-F search for stagf brings you to the pertinent quote.


Now the quote from 1970.

Go to the Historic Hansard: 1803-2005 page.
Click the 20th century.
Click the 1970s.
Click 1970.
Click July.
Click the 7th.

Ctrl-F search for econ.
Click the one result.
Ctrl-F search for stagf.
Three hits.
First hit: Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr. Iain Macleod speaking:
The economy today shows two outstanding features. On the one hand, demand and activity are rather sluggish and unemployment is high compared with the post-war average. On the other hand, there is the strongly rising trend in wages and prices. This is a combination of stagnant production and cost inflation. As Shadow Chancellor, I christened it "stagflation". I cannot believe that even hon. Gentlemen opposite, however they wish to paint this picture, can be complacent about such a situation.

Later that same day,

he was rushed to hospital with appendicitis. He was discharged 11 days later; yet at 10.30 pm on 20 July, while in 11 Downing Street, he suffered a massive heart attack and died at 11.35 pm.

So it goes.

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