Monday, August 30, 2010

Aren't you tired of this kind of stuff??? I am.

It showed up in the blogger page after I edited a post.

I don't know what the guy is selling. I didn't go there. But every time you turn around there's another guy, horning in on the business of government abuse. Abusing the government by accusing the government of abusing us. Trying to make a living off it.

Where are the people who are willing to say that most of this "abuse" is the result of economic mismanagement? Where are the people who understand that most of these problems will go away if we just fix the economy? And where are the people who are still trying to understand the economic problem, so that we may finally solve it?

So, I went to the site. It's an advertisement. The whole site is an advertisement for a book.


* deceit in government accounting.
* “entitlements.”
* the incredible bloat of government.
* the hidden inflation tax.
* the politicians “buy the votes”
* the rationing of healthcare
* the Progressives invaded the media.
* “catch and release” immigration

Oh, and the "$14 trillion national debt."

You never heard any of that before, I bet.


In the fall of 2008, America’s financial wheels starting coming off... so I began reading and researching – just as I have always done when thinking about a new business venture.

So this guy started looking at the economic problem after the Paulson crisis hit the fan.

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