Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Enterprise

Free enterprise? Oh yeah, I'm all for it! I say let's get rid of tax code that favors bigness, so Mom'n'Pop can compete with Big-Box.

And let's get rid of the free trade agreements that impede the domestic policies of national economies. Adam Smith wrote about The Wealth of Nations, after all.

If we don't honor and respect and preserve the system of nations, we're going to end up with global government. If we don't reverse present trends we're going to end up with global government. I know, I know, Star Trek A Piece of the Action, Babylon 5, and all that. That's fine. We can get to global government eventually. We have to get to it eventually. But we have to evolve into it. You can't just cram it down our throats, force it on people like they forced the European Union on people, with all that BS about how it would make the economy better.

That didn't work out so great for the European economy anyway, did it.

We have to make the economy better first. Then -- after we satisfy each other that we know how to do that -- then we can spend the next thousand years working on global government, trying to write a Constitution better than the one we have now.

After that, we can aim for those five-digit years.

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