Saturday, March 12, 2011

Twice as much

I want to say this:
There is more money in savings than the Fed has issued.
Can I say it?

1. From the Board of Governors:

The major items on the liability side of the Federal Reserve balance sheet are Federal Reserve notes (U.S. paper currency) and the deposits that thousands of depository institutions, the U.S. Treasury, and others hold in accounts at the Federal Reserve Banks. These items, as well as the Federal Reserve's other liabilities, can be seen in tables 1, 10, and 11 of the H.4.1 statistical release.

2. From the H.4.1 statistical release: approximately 2.5 million million dollars, if I read it right. That's 2.5 trillion in total Fed liabilities.

I'm no banker, but I think I'm reading it right.

3. And from FRED, the graph of savings shows over $5000 billion in savings. That's 5 trillion, more than twice total Fed liabilities.

4. Yep, I can say that.

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