Sunday, August 21, 2011

116 pages in

From Guard! Guard! by Terry Pratchett, HARPERTORCH, 1989.

The Supreme Grand Master smiled in the depths of his robe. It was amazing, this mystic business. You tell them a lie, and then when you don't need it anymore you tell them another lie and tell them they're progressing along the road to wisdom. Then instead of laughing they follow you even more, hoping that at the heart of all the lies they'll find the truth. And bit by bit they accept the unacceptable. Amazing.


Jazzbumpa said...

All I've ever read of Pratchett is your two excerpts. Tell me, does he ever write anything other than expository interior monologue?

I don't think I could tolerate 16 pages of that. And the prose is quite pedestrian.


WV: gratorpr - the mental state induced by reading 116 pages of expository interior monologue

The Arthurian said...

The Arthurian liked the phrase "expository interior monologue." He wished he could identify things with such clarity. He scratched his privates and pondered his response.

Yeah, I see what you mean.

I never heard of Pratchett, myself. A friend loaned me the book... and a friend must try to read it. Took me a while to get started, but it is going quick now. So I guess I like it.

And then I saw "What I'm reading" in your sidebar and it gave me the idea to post bits of what I'm reading.

Satisfied, he published his comment.

Jazzbumpa said...

I saw "What I'm reading" in the side bar of another blog, and though it was kind of cool.

ASoIaF is magnificent. GMMR has been a favorite of mine since I read A SONG FOE LYA way back in the 70's.

WV: comas - cf gratorpr

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