Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Good Son

"Fritz"   1998-2012


The Arthurian said...

One morning years back, when Fritz and all of us were younger, there was a flurry of activity. The wife was looking for her hair clip. "Have you seen my hair clip?"


When I got home from work that day I opened the door and stepped in -- and there at my feet was the hair clip. I picked it up and put it on the table, not understanding what had happened.

When the wife got home I told her about it. I picked up the hair clip and put it back on the floor where I found it.

Fritz picked it up, walked across the kitchen, and dropped it at her feet.

Heather Shipman said...

Oh, no, I am so sorry. :( He was a good dog.

Jazzbumpa said...

Fourteen years is a good gig for a dog. But it's painful when it ends.


The Arthurian said...

He loved to get that big snout scratched.