Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Capacity Utilization: a new low in high points

Some 19 months ago I highlighted the high points on a Capacity Utilization graph:

Graph #1

I happened to look at the current version of that graph just now:

Graph #2

It looks like we've reached a new low in high points for Capacity Utilization. Looks like it's peaking below 80% this time.

// Update: I put a red circle on the important spot on Graph #2.


Jazzbumpa said...

I looked at it 21 months ago. Here is my cynically depressing take.



The Arthurian said...

And back ten you wrote, "we're still nowhere near the descending tend line that connects the tops."

But now, near two years later, CAP-UT has worked it's way up to 80%, right about where your trend line predicted.

Hey Jazz, what's your secret for finding the relevant post from 21 months back. Do you just rely on the labels on your posts or do you have a secret weapon?

Jazzbumpa said...

I go by tags ( listed down the right hand frame) and "Search this Blog" function, just under "About this blog" also in the right frame.

Sometimes it's frustrating.

I wish I had a secret weapon.

How do you find your old posts.


The Arthurian said...

Hey, Jaz. I'd like to use tags. But at start-of-blogging I was using too many insignificant tags, and now it's all a jumble. I think of using several tag-lists & categorizing the tags somehow. But it would be a lot of work & I don't have good categories thought out.

I use the blogger-bar search (which seems to be working okay), and on my development blog I have a Google search set up that searches only this blog (but it frequently returns too many repetitive hits for stuff in the sidebar).

Also I use the search on the posts page of the blogger dashboard or whatever it's called.

I use gmail to search comments, and that works really good.

And I depend on my memory, but that's probably the weakest of all the options!