Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Can I duplicate that?

Steve Waldman's Not a monetary phenomenon struck me immediately as an unusually fascinating piece of work. It seemed to draw plenty of attention from others, too.

Graph #1: From Steve Waldman's Post
So after looking at a few preliminary graphs these past few days, I looked at the key graph from his post and wondered. Can I duplicate that? I got the Labor Force and NGDP numbers from FRED -- quarterlies -- and sat down to see.

Graph #2: Duplicate of SRW's 10-Year Growth Graph
Yup, nothin to it. So I looked at the graph a while, and then I thought: Well, that's the 10-year change. I wonder what the 5-year change looks like...

Graph #3: The 5-Year Growth Rates
... and the 3-year change...

Graph #4: The 3-Year Growth Rates
... and the one-year change...

Graph #5: The One-Year Growth Rates
... which should look like what I can get from FRED:

Graph #6: The One-Year Growth Rates from FRED
So, yeah. I can duplicate that.

Here's my spreadsheet.

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