Saturday, April 5, 2014

Selgin did good.

George Selgin:

I don't consider myself an Austrian economist for the same reason that I don't consider myself a Chicago economist, or a Keynesian economist, or a New Classical economist, or a--well, you get the point. I don't want to belong to any economic school of thought, or to "do" any sort of economics. I just want to "do" my own sort of economics.

Nice. Maybe I should call my blog I just want to do my own sort of economics.

Oh! Come to think of it, I did.

The economy changes, you know? How can you adopt the ideas of some defunct economist and pretend to explain the world by those ideas? I call myself a student of the economy. I'd much rather understand the economy, than economics.

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Gene Hayward said...

Well put. That is why I follow you. :)

The Arthurian said...

Thanks, Gene!