Monday, June 2, 2014

Kervick's Piketty Spreadsheet

I read Tom Hickey's Dan Kervick — Naked Piketty – with a Bonus Workbook! and followed the link to Kervick's post.

I downloaded Dan Kervick's 22k Excel spreadsheet.

I went to Zoho and signed in.

I uploaded Kervick's spreadsheet, accepting the defaults.

(The process is much like uploading to Google Docs.)

I got this message: Uploaded and converted successfully

I closed the upload window and opened the file.

With the spreadsheet open, I clicked the SHARE tab.

On the submenu I clicked EMBED.

I clicked OK, accepting the defaults.

An Embed to Website/Blog window opened.

I clicked SELECT SNIPPET and then pressed CTRL-C to copy the snippet.

I pasted it into my Blogger editor, here:

It's an HTML IFRAME thingie. I happen to know that the maximum width my blog can display is about 517 pixels. So in the IFRAME thingie I changed the text width="600" to width="517".

Then I scheduled this post to appear Monday at 4AM.

That's all I had to do.

On the blog, the Zoho sheet's menu is hidden, but the formula bar is visible. So you can click on any cell, then look in the formula bar and see the formula or whatever is in the cell you clicked. This is a massively important feature.

A visitor to the blog can examine the structure of the spreadsheet, and can even make changes. But these changes affect only the copy displayed on the blog. The original spreadsheet is not changed.

If the visitor messes up his copy of the spreadsheet, refreshing the page replaces the messed-up copy with a fresh new copy of your original spreadsheet.

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The Arthurian said...

Reading it over, it seems like a lot of words. But it was just a few clicks.

Easier to do, than to tell.