Sunday, June 15, 2014

Try typing "asshole" and see what you get

In the sidebar at La Bocca della Verità, an invite to RealClearPolitics:

Type Bigotry Into Google, See What you Get

How could I resist? But I did, though. I didn't type anything into Google. I just clicked the invitation. Despite their run-on sentence.

They show this image:

"Why is 'right-wing' a correlation to bigotry?" the accompanying text asks. "Why is bigotry a descriptor to 'right-wing?'"

That's why I'm here. Why is "right wing" a correlation to bigotry? What the hell does that even mean? I guess they mean Why is "right-wing" correlated to "bigotry"?

It isn't, of course. Not in the example sentence, anyway.

The other one means even less: Why is bigotry a descriptor to 'right-wing?' A "descriptor"?? I looked that one up on Google:

A descriptor is a word used to describe or identify something. So: Why is "bigotry" used to describe or identify "right-wing"?

Again: It isn't. If the word "bigot" was used to identify or describe a right-winger, you could say "bigot" and people would know you're talking about a right-winger. But the actual phrase used is "right-wing bigotry". And that surely implies that there is also left-wing bigotry. Otherwise, you wouldn't have to say which side you're talking about.

But actually trying to understand what the words mean, that's not really part of the game anymore. The game now is to cultivate outrage.

Decline of civilization.

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