Friday, July 31, 2015


I got this notice along with my Blogger stats this morning:

The European Union requires me to do something? I have responsibilities here?


I am not a citizen or resident of the european union or any of its member states. They have no right to tell me any fucking thing. If they want to tell you that you cannot come to this blog, well, if you live there you might have to listen to them. You should do something about that. Leave the union. It's easy.


I clicked the "learn more" link and got this from the Blogger Help:

The European Union requires me to do something??? (Sorry, I got carried away.)

To be honest, I don't have any information about cookies used on my blog. I know I like Double Stuf Oreos. I know I like writing about the economy. Oh, and I know I do NOT like political reorganizations based on empty economic promises, such as the european union.

I didn't see any cookie warnings on my blog. So I took the URL

and changed the .com to .fr:

and then to

Oops, I cut off the address bar on that one. Well, you get the idea.

Tell you what, I don't like so much the thought that my information might be shared by Google. But that's not really where the problem lies. Companies like Google are allowed and encouraged to become as big as they can get, by governments like mine and yours. That's the real problem, isn't it.
"... it is not the source but the limitation of power which prevents it from being arbitrary."
- Friedrich A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

"Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements."

Fuck the European Union
Support Sovereignty of Nations

Where was I? Oh yeah, minding my own business.

I went back to the Blogger Help and read this part:

I can do that. I went looking first for anything I might mess up by making changes. I clicked DESIGN on the Blogger bar, then EDIT HTML -- then closed without changing or saving anything.

I went to the Blogger Dashboard, clicked SETTINGS for the blog, then clicked OTHER. Under BLOG TOOLS I clicked EXPORT BLOG and downloaded a backup to my hard drive. Takes a few moments. I folded a blanket and brushed my teeth. When I came back it was done.

I closed the download window, went back to the blog, clicked DESIGN again and EDIT HTML.

The lines are all numbered. Line number 31 had a little black triangle after the line number, and the next line number shown was 655. A bunch of lines were hidden. So I clicked the black triangle. The triangle disappeared, and the missing lines showed up.

I searched for the HEAD tag -- just a LESS THAN symbol followed immediately by the word HEAD. Found it right away, 1 of 1 match. On line 13. (I need to know that.)

Then I searched for cookieOptions to see if I had to change something or just add something. Didn't even find cookie. So I have to add something from scratch.

Okay. The Blogger help says I have to add a SCRIPT tag in the HEAD tag. By "in the HEAD tag" they mean after the line with "<HEAD" in it and before the line with "</HEAD" in it. For my blog that's line 792.

I didn't find that line when I used the Firefox search line at the bottom of my browser. I had to use the Blogger search field that opens in the upper-right of the Edit Window when I press CTRL F. I will just add my SCRIPT tag just after line 13 and before what's on line 14 now. That should work okay.

Okay. I thought about it for a moment and realized I don't know what to put in the SCRIPT tag I have to add. No problem. I Googled it :)

Stuffaboutcode has something on it already. I copied their example to a textfile, put Google's original message back in there, and added a little something of my own.

Then I saved and closed the thing. And it works:



The Arthurian said...

That was 3 or 4 hours work!

The Arthurian said...

In my email just now:

"[Action Required]...
Dear Google Analytics Administrator,
Over the past year we've shared how we are preparing to meet the requirements of the GDPR, the new data protection law coming into force on May 25, 2018. Today we are sharing more about important product changes that may impact your Google Analytics data, and other updates in preparation for the GDPR. This e-mail requires your attention and action even if your users are not based in the European Economic Area (EEA)."


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right!
Fuck Them
I live there (and hate the very idea of it) and wish nothing more than to leave. Unfortunately the rest of the country thinks otherwise.
And the countries I could viably live are either also in the EU or don't let me in without proper documents which are impossible to come by... (btw I'm not in a poor ass country; far from it. Still can't leave)
Fuck the EU and he horses they rode in on