Saturday, May 28, 2016

It gets worse

Tejvan Pettinger:

How much does the EU cost the UK?

The ONS has produced a useful page... Working out an average for 2010-2014, this gives an annual net contribution of £7.1 billion according to European Commission figures.

How significant is EU spending?

The £7.1bn net contribution works out at 0.9% of public sector spending or £110 per person per year. It is 0.4% of GDP.

Other factors to consider in estimating cost of EU Membership

If the UK leaves the EU, how much would it have to pay for access to the Single Market? For example, Norway and Switzerland pay to have access to the Single Market.
What about "free markets"? All the rage, right?

Except, if you're not in the EU it's FU you gotta pay for access to markets.

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