Friday, March 10, 2017

A weird coincidence

So I was writing my "The impact of private debt on economic growth", early morning. Visited the Eesti Pank homepage along the way. Saw the picture of "collector coins dedicated to Hanseatic Tallinn". Said to self oh, the Hanseatic League. Tallinn must have been a city in the Hanseatic League.

So I finished up my post and talked to the wife when she got up. She left for work at 5:30. Then I fed the dogs and gave them their treat and let them out and went to sit outside myself with a cup of coffee. The weather was really nice for the first of March. I'm chatty today, huh.

Sittin' out there, thinking about what I'd do (it being so nice outside and all). Then I got up and started my yard work right then -- still before six in the morning.

Couple hours. I came in (along with the one dog that was still out) just before eight. Gave the canary some lettuce. And figured I'd watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for a while. The Swedish-language one on Netflix. (It has subtitles.) The third one. "The Girl Who Played With Fire". I watched most of it the other day. Less than 20 minutes left.

Lisbeth Salander has Sandström tied up to get information out of him. She has him scared for his life.

"Who's Zala?" Lisbeth asks.

"I don't know."

"You've done well so far. Don't blow it."

"I don't know. The journalist you shot asked me the same thing. If I knew, I swear I'd tell you. I once spoke to a man on the phone who called himself Zala."

"Why?" Lisbeth asks.

"He told me to bring in a carload of amphetamines from Tallinn."

Whoa! I said. I've heard of Tallinn before! I jumped out of my chair to check that, and here we are now.

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