Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have my computer set to update automatically at three in the morning, so it should never inconvenience me. Of course, sometimes I am up early, and occasionally I do get an odd-color item on the task bar that, should I click it, would show a 15-minute countdown to automatic shutdown and reboot.

I've learned to respect that odd-color item because, in the past, I've had it just suddenly shut down while I was right in the middle of something. Talk about irked.

Anyway, before I knew it, the computer shut down. I was writing a new post. I had confidence that Blogger would save my work. It always has.

But not this time.

This time, Blogger didn't save my work. Even though it always did before, not only for the automatic updates but for everything. You can't turn around without your stuff being saved. Blogger, and Google Docs too. It's just a safety feature. No big deal.

This time it didn't work. I'm wondering if it's because I'm still using the old interface. I'm wondering if they disabled the automatic save feature, just to make the old interface a little less satisfactory for people like me who don't like change for the sake of change.


So if you're still using the old interface, save your work.

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