Friday, November 11, 2011

You can find anything on the Internet...

... anything except the numbers on private debt. I was looking for something from the Bank of England like FRED from the St. Louis Fed. No luck. After a couple hours I did pull a few teeth out of EuroStat, including M1 money for most of a decade for most of a dozen European states:

Graph #1

and "Credit to total residents" which may be something like "total credit" or "total lending to residents":

Graph #2

Better than nothing. So I put one and one together and attempted to simulate my "debt-per-dollar" graph for these Euro states for that decade:

Graph #3

Not much to see in these graphs, I admit. The sharply increasing orange line on graphs #1 and #2 represents Germany. The low-running yellow line that continues to the year 2000 is Greece.

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