Thursday, November 24, 2011


I may not be an economist, but I certainly am a blogger. I probably spend as much time checking my blog stats as I spend checking my email.

I thought today might be a good day to say thanks. Thank you for all the visits, and all the conversations, and all the challenges, and all the kind words.

From Google Analytics, a peek at visitors-per-week since 1 July 2009:

You guys give me confidence.

The other day I looked at the Blogger Stats and noticed something odd in the Traffic Sources. Most of the visitors were coming from Mosler's and from Mike Norman's.

That meant there were links there, to my blog. That interested me: What links? A timely look turned up links in comments posted by Clonal at Mike Norman's and Matt Franko at Mosler's.

The Blogger Stats also showed which posts were getting the traffic:

My most-visited current post showed up third on the list, after two that were targets of Matt and Clonal's links.

By the way, Clonal: The Greatest Scam of the 20th Century is high on my list of best and most important posts, so I'm real glad you linked to that one. And you did a great job of presenting it at Mike Norman's.

The Blogger Stats also showed a change in activity related to those links. Here's daily activity for 16 October to 15 November, showing a major spike:

It's always graphs with me, isn't it.

So thanks again, to everyone. To friends I can identify by name and point-of-view; to people who stop by regularly but have not left their imprint in the comments; and to first-time and one-time visitors who help to keep my Stat trends going up. And special thanks to Clonal, for thinkin and linkin my stuff. And to Matt, for picking up that ball and running with it.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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Gene Hayward said...

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