Friday, November 15, 2013

Too late

Some guy comes in at work, a customer, here to check on the progress of the job we're doing for him. I overhear from the next room. One minute they're talking about how wide a load can we put on a truck... the number 8'-6" is mentioned... the word "regulations" is mentioned... and suddenly the guy is joking, "I want bigger government, I want more government."

You can't win the argument for more government. Things have progressed too far. It's a joke now, the call for more government. You're a joke these days, if you're serious about that.


Juan said...

Do you think we should have "more government"? Or is it something whose time has passed?

The Arthurian said...

I don't know, Juan. I do like to point out that the fastest-growing economy is the economy of big-government China. But I think it is fighting a losing battle to call for bigger government in the US today.

I think it's a confusion of politics with economics, to evaluate the economic problem in terms of government size. To think of things in those terms is to concede at the outset that the little-enders are right.

Netbacker said...

"Size of Government is a political decision with economic
effects" - Prof Randall Wray

The Arthurian said...

Every decision has economic effects... and most have economic causes.