Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No promises, but two from Reddit

For a long time, things that wanted to be written were waking me up in the wee hours. More recently, not so much. For the last month, the daily posting felt almost forced. Then I spent a week working on a 'real world' project in the garage, and now I've got nothing. No posts written and scheduled for a week ahead. And nothing seems worth writing about.

Not sure if it's just a matter of catching up, or if I should say the posting will be intermittent for a while. I like writing, and I think writing every day has made me better at it. So I want to keep up the daily thing. But I'm not making any promises.

Here are two posts I found on Reddit that just might be worth writing about:

Fixing Inequality Won't Hurt the Economy by Matthew O'Brien in The Atlantic. And the Reddit link.

Clarifying ‘Secular Stagnation’ and the Great Recession by Andrew Kliman at New Left Project. And the Reddit link, with my comment.

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