Saturday, March 28, 2015

a private moment

I have no post for this morning.

My desk was a mess so I had to clean up. But most of the mess turned out to be stuff that had to go in my wallet, new medical cards and some kind of value card from an automobile dealer I'll never go back to for the rest of my life.

Anyway, that meant I had to clean out my wallet. What was in there? Some cash. Money left over from my weekly allowance. My wallet has become my best savings account since the coffee shop closed a few years back.

Some credit cards were in there, too. And some medical cards. Oh, and six registrations for my car, five old ones and one current. I never know when to throw things out. I guess if I have six of them, I should throw out at least three...

But it got me thinking: Cash I understand. There it is, in my wallet, and there it sits until I spend it. There is a kind of simplicity in that, that I like.

I don't understand the cards. They have dates on them -- getting hard to read 'em these days -- that tell me when the cards expire. But I don't go thru my wallet every week looking for expired cards. So they tend to collect in there.

Medical cards, too. There's no dates on 'em -- well, the new ones have dates. That's what got this whole rigmarole going, I got new medical cards. That means the old ones are no longer valid. Or they won't be valid soon, so do I keep them for a little longer? Yeah maybe I don't know. If I throw them out and then I need them, I'll be in trouble. It's easier to keep them just in case.

Yeah the new medical cards do have a date on them. I got two sets, apparently identical. After looking at them a long while I noticed one set is dated March 2015 and the other is dated March 2014. Why did I get them both on the same day? I don't understand the cards.

Well, I threw out all but two of my car registrations, and all the medical cards except the two sets that came the other day. And I found an old library card and two old credit cards that had expired and I could throw them out.

How do you do that? You can't just throw out the credit cards. You have to cut them up in little pieces.

Tiny little pieces? How tiny? Usually I cut thru the important numbers and throw away pieces of the card into two or three different garbages. First, though, I take the cut pieces and cut them up tiny. As tiny as I can for as long as I can stand to keep doing that, and then I just throw the rest away. I hope the thieves will appreciate my efforts, and leave the big pieces alone.

Well, it's four o'clock.

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