Monday, March 9, 2015

Federal Employees as a Percent of All Nonfarm Employees

By email, in response to my previous post, my son Jerry said

It sounds to me like you wound up getting chrome from a third party
website instead of from, could it be?

Yeah. But it was right up near the top of the google search results. Right after the sponsored links. I should have been more careful. But then, that's pretty much what I said in the previous post: Don't trust Chrome and don't trust Google any more.

In that post from last week I said I had an interesting graph to show you. This one:

Graph #1: Federal Employees as a Percent of All Nonfarm Employees
There has been a long decline in Federal participation in the job market. Moreover, since the year 2000, the level of Federal employment has been half what it was in 1970.

I told you it was an interesting graph!

I happened upon a post by Patrick Sullivan the other day. I'm not sure what point he was making, but he did mention "the five-fold increase in the staffing of [federal regulatory] agencies since 1960".

I don't know where Sullivan's number comes from. But a lot of people have numbers like that. Graph #1 would make you wonder about all of them.

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