Friday, January 5, 2018

Apparently they really do have economic concerns

Well, I have been selected to represent my state by sharing my opinions on how to protect civil liberties during the Trump Presidency. That's what it says on the big manila envelope that came by mail the other day. DO NOT BEND and Please respond by January 16 and YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED TO REPRESENT YOUR STATE....

Cost of postage? Ten cents. How do they get away with that?

I want to treat it as junk mail. But it is from the ACLU. I should be honored. Yeah, but how did the bastards get my name? If they were reading my blog, which is about THE ECONOMY, they would know I don't have "opinions on how to protect civil liberties during the Trump Presidency". I guess they don't read my blog.

Okay, I'll open it anyway.

Oh god, a bunch of questions I can't even stand to read!

Here is the last one: To help the ACLU confront those seeking to undermine the Constitution and sweep away our fundamental freedoms, will you send a contribution today?

They want money. How could I not have guessed?

So they do have economic concerns. But they'd rather beg than fix the problem.

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