Monday, January 8, 2018

"Never Confuse Them Again"

Heh, look at me, I'm trying to get people to see the differences between private debt and public. Fat chance. There are still people, a lot of people apparently, who can't tell the difference between an existing debt and an addition to debt.

It's a good thing I write for my own satisfaction. Sometimes there doesn't seem much hope of achieving anything else.

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The Arthurian said...

And then I must ask: Why "but"? They say "The two concepts are similar, but are often confused."

"But" means the part that comes next will stand in opposition to the part that came before. But in their sentence, it does not. Consider this instead:

"The two concepts are similar, and are often confused."

or this:

"The two concepts are not identical, but are often confused."

And then I must ask, why would I go to these guys to get definitions for "debt" and "deficits"? They can't put a sentence together, They don't even understand the word "but".