Sunday, February 8, 2015

After this morning's drubbing of Milton Friedman...

The Franklin M. Fisher PDF is so old that my browser's search command can't find anything in it. I can't find the Syll quote that way. So I thought I'd read the thing and look for it.

Here's what I'm finding. From page 3:

The central question which concerned Keynes in the General Theory was that of how there could be a stable equilibrium with less than full employment.

The PDF is so old that when you copy-and-paste, each word comes out on a line of its own and you have to fix all that.

The PDF is so old that it underlines book titles. These days, on the internet, underlining is for links, and book titles are generally put in italics.

The quote Syll used is from page 4. But nothing about Milton Friedman there.

The pages are numbered; the page with page number 4 is PDF page 7 of 54.

The PDF is dated 1975 and appears to have been done on a typewriter. Remember typewriters?

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