Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Ran across this graph from December of 2013:

Graph #1: PGDP from 2005 (blue) and 2013 (red)
The graph shows the growth rates for two estimates of Potential GDP, the January 2005 estimate and the February 2013 estimate. Eight years separate the estimates.

Two years and some have passed. Time to update the graph.

Graph #2: PGDP from 2005 (blue), 2013 (red), and 2016 (green)
Red and blue as the same as above. Green is new. Potential GDP is still falling.

Graph #1 shows the older FREDGraph output, before the revision of March 2014. Graph #2 shows the newer output, from after the revision. The new default background color is faint, and the left margin label overwrites the vertical axis.

The economy's not getting any better, and the graphs ain't, either.

US. Congressional Budget Office, Real Potential Gross Domestic Product [GDPPOT], retrieved from ALFRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis https://alfred.stlouisfed.org/series?seid=GDPPOT, April 25, 2016.

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