Monday, December 20, 2010

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938

From Elementary Economics by Fred Rogers Fairchild, Edgar Stevenson Furniss, and Norman Sydney Buck (of Yale University). The MacMillan Company, New York. Fourth edition; 1939. Pages 448-49.

The United States fair labor standards act of 1938
The latest attempt of the United States federal government to establish minimum wages on a nation-wide scale took the form of a law bearing the above title, which was approved on June 25, 1938... In the industries to which it is applicable the law attempts to establish maximum weekly hours as well as minimum hourly wages... The provisions for maximum hours are as follows: 44 hours per week during the first year; i.e., until November, 1939; 42 hours per week during the second year; 40 hours per week thereafter.

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