Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh, look at the date!

Happy New Year.


Greg said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Have you ever found this site;

Toby has some great thoughts. Definitely worth your time.

The Arthurian said...

Hi, Greg! I took a look at Toby's site... Some of his stuff made me want to comment. But I need to read a few more first.

I finally managed to read all the way through two Billy Blog posts! The thin-brain one, and the next one after that where he shows how to model the economy.

His posts always start out great, but I never could get all the way through one before!

Greg said...

Yeah Bill is a little..................loquacious, shall we say.

I definitely look at him daily but I really ate up the early stuff which seemed to really focus on explaining the paradigm.

I have a great grasp of his stuff now so I dont get as much out of his stuff. I like reading the comments as much as anything. I did notice you commented over there! Guys like Tom Hickey, RSJ, JKH, Ramanan and a few others are worth reading.

Have you looked back at his "primers" so to speak?

Over in the right column there is a page called "The complete billyblog on one page" if you go there and look under the category "Debriefing 101" that is the best place to get the overview with posts like "Barnaby, better to walk before we run" or " A simple credit card economy" or "Some myths about modern monetary theory and its developers" or "Size of deficit 101" These are all required reading if your going to understand the paradigm.

Cheers and be safe tonight.

The Arthurian said...

Yeah, I found the "on one page" link (finally) yesterday, I think. Useful. I'll check out the posts you recommend.

Be safe yourself... I'll probably be sound asleep by 8:30 :)