Saturday, December 31, 2011


I was gonna say I'm not gonna try so hard this year to have a post every day. But I changed my mind. I AM gonna try so hard to have a post every day.

I'd like to organize my post tags slash labels better, and put a bibliography and some other stuff together for "pages". Dunno if "like to" counts as a New Year's resolution.

I want to write better descriptions. For example, when I wrote

...treating it as the kind of fact that always has been...

the "kind of" was kind of weak. I changed it to "sort of" but that was sort of weak, too. And they were both ambiguous: Did they mean "actually quite" or did they specify a type of fact? I went back-and-forth between kind of and sort of a few times, then suddenly settled on type of:

...treating it as the type of fact that always has been...

Words matter. John Madden used to talk about "the red zone". And then everybody was talking about "the red zone". Except one announcer, who kept talking about "the red area". It was just so wrong.

And I want to write stronger conclusions. In large part, this means that if I write a sentence and you are supposed to draw a conclusion from it, then I am supposed to actually write that conclusion, so that we both know what I was thinking.

And I want to avoid alienating people. (Yeh, I have to write that one down, or I won't think of it.)

In sum: better descriptions, better conclusions, and a better attitude.

Happy New Year.

p.s. More posts on private debt. I hereby resolve. At least once a month.

Maybe every week.

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