Sunday, January 15, 2017

Current expenditures? What's that?

This one was dated 29 June 2914 on my Test & Development blog. Apparently I didn't post it here, then.

Answer available at BEA. Here's a bit of it:
BEA's national accounts measure government spending in three ways:

Government consumption expenditures and gross investment:  This is a measure of government spending on goods and services that are included in GDP...
Government current expenditures: Total spending by government is much larger than the spending included in GDP.  Current expenditures measures all spending by government on current-period activities...
Total government expenditures:  In addition to the transactions that are included in current expenditures, this measure includes gross investment (as defined earlier), and other capital-type expenditures...

For more detailed information on government expenditures, please see "A Primer on BEA's Government Accounts."

- See more at:

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, FAQ: “BEA seems to have several different measures of government spending. What are they for and what do they measure?” (May-28-2010),