Saturday, August 6, 2016

All the vigor that fits on my screen

China, China, Nevada ("continuing to recover").
Large cities, China, Me.
A phrase from a definition.
China, California (vigor and frailty), and an essay that sounds interesting.

Nobody talks about vigor in the U.S. economy, not any more. Nobody predicts vigor. Just me, and maybe Courtney Farquhar. I'll have to look.

Like space technology (sorry Elon) economic vigor now belongs to China. To a patriot like me, that hurts.

But anyway, still, in August of 2016, nobody is predicting a vigor for the U.S. economy. Just me and maybe Courtney. Remember that when the vigor is upon us.

I checked the Courtney thing. I had to re-install Adobe Flash Player so that Prezi would run.

The file looks like a short demo, or maybe Courtney was figuring out how to use Prezi to make a presentation. I like this quote on economic vigor in the 12th (?) century:

But that's about all there is to the Courtney thing. Oh, and FWIW, "Courtney Farquhar" appears to be a pseudonym. Who knew?

After I did that screen capture and came back to Blogger my cursor was gone. Looks like a Prezi problem. I don't like that too much. Reset.

So anyway, we got vigor in China, and vigor in 12th century Europe, and recovery in Nevada and frailty in California, and not really anybody predicting vigor in the U.S. economy in the years ahead the near future. Just me.

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The Arthurian said...

I looked up my "immigration and economic vigor" post. It's not even about me! It's my review of another guy's thinking. And the only place the word "vigor" appears is in the title of the post.

So I don't know how good a search I did, for people predicting vigor.

Do you see anybody besides me predicting vigor soon for the US economy?