Monday, August 22, 2016

Debt Service and Labor Productivity Projections

Here's the graph I couldn't get right for yesterday's post. (X-axis was messed up.)

The blue line shows household debt service, 1980 thru 2015. The black line is a debt service trend line showing the future debt service that I anticipate; same as yesterday.

The brown line shows labor productivity, 1980 thru Q2 2016. The bright red line shows my general expectation for future productivity, Q2 2016 thru Q4 2020. Also bright red, the productivity  data for Q4 1993 thru Q2 1998 -- the data I copied and showed again as future productivity.

Graph #1: Debt Service and Labor Productivity Projections
By the time we get to 2020, the economy will be great. The person we elect President in 2016 will be easily re-elected in 2020. And we'll all be happy again for a while -- until debt goes too high once again and we have another financial disaster.

Anything else?

// The Excel file

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